Are YOU a fan of delicious flavor?
can u write about pineapples


Fruit in a scaly brown skin
Hides inside it a flesh sweet as sin
Get your Vitamin B
Down in plush Hawaii
From the edible bowling pin.


favorite psych moments: 02x15 "treat a woman like a person, and then a princess, and then a greek goddess, then a person again"


psych aired exactly eight years ago (give or take a few minutes)

"gus, let’s just be clear on one thing. the only way they can absolutely prove i am not a psychic, is if i tell them. and i can guarantee you that is the one thing i will never do." July 7, 2006.

some of my favorite pictures of maggie lawson | asked by anonymous

some of my favorite pictures of maggie lawson | asked by anonymous

"you inspire me, partner. always have. you have believed in me since day one. you have given me courage and strength and taught me accountability and how to ration my ammo in the event of a nuclear holocaust.”


Falling in love with you was never part of the plan.

Future Shules AU: Shortly after moving to San Francisco, Shawn and Juliet find out the news that they’re expecting a baby girl. Due to the high stress of taking on the new role of head detective of the San Francisco police department, and still adjusting to the life in the new town, Juliet is advised to go on bed rest by her doctor. While Juliet is on her maternity leave, Shawn decides to join the police department in an effort to bring in more money, since the Psych agency hasn’t built up it’s reputation in the new town.
Green Volkswagon Beetle